Made in Jiangsu, China      eback.gif (9997 bytes)       Catalogue# 013211399
Model Q41F-10CF Poly-Perfluoro Ihene Propylene F46 Lining  
Standard: Q/321024YFA7-98

    Fluoroplastics Poly-perfluoro-ethyene-propylene-F46 Lining Ball Valve was developed for oil, chemical, dyeing, pesticide etc. trades. FluoroplasticsF46 has good corrosion-resisting properties.At present, it is a ideal corrosion-resistant material.Model-J41FS46-16(25) feplined globe valve
    The product has a beautiful outside, high strength, which is especially suitable for various kinds of acids, bases, salts. The sealing parts of valve covered fluoroplastics alloy that is a kind of patented product invented by Shanghai Institute of Organic chemistry,Academy of Science of China. The valve can last a long time at -50oC~150oC, rapidly open and stop, low flow resistance, you will satisfy with the product. It will have good economical efficiency.

Main Parts And Materials

Name Maaterial
Left Valve Model-ZG25 lining F46
Right Valve Model-ZG25 lining F46
Rod Ball Body Model-ZG25 lining F46
Sealing Ring Model-F50
Handle Model-ZG25

Physical Properties and Specification

Nominal Pressure 0.1Mpa
PS Seal 0.11Mpa
Stength 0.15Mpa
Working Pressure 0.1Mpa
Working Temperature -50oC-150oC
Working Medium Strong Acid,Buse, Salt etc

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