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Introduced in 1984, Tideflex® Check Valves are the world's standard for reliable, maintenance-free backflow prevention. Tideflex® Check Valves offer the lowest headloss of any type of check valve and require zero maintenance due to their all-rubber construction. Tideflex® Check Valves are substantially more cost-effective than conventional valves because they eliminate maintenance and operating costs. They are totally passive valves, operating solely on line and backpressure. Sliding, rotating, swinging, and all mechanical parts are completely eliminated.

Tideflex® Check Valves seal and close droptight around debris with less than 1 psi backpressure, and the all-rubber construction will not warp or freeze. Thousands of Tideflex® Check Valves are currently in use worldwide. Red Valve's new Tideflex® video illustrates how the valve operates, and has interviews with contractors and users who specify Tideflex® Check Valves.

TMS installed in 
Ground-Level Reservoir


Series 37
Tideflex® Series 35
TMS Fill Valves 


Engineered rubber Duckbill Check Sleeves have memory;
Forward hydraulic pressure opens the valve;
Reverse pressure seals the valve and prevents backflow.


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