Self Operated Temperature Controllers

Self Operated Temperature Controllers

Century Self Operated Temperature Control Valves are ruggedly designed and constructed to give the maximum in performance under the most severe operating conditions and are widely used to automatically regulate the flow of steam, gas, and liquids.

Entirely self-contained, requiring no compressed air, electricity, or other source of power, they are recommended for controlling temperatures of storage water heaters, fuel oil heaters, plating and cleaning tanks, bottle and can washers, production part washers, sausage cooking cabinets, heat kettles, bonderizing and pickling tanks, and for all types of industrial processes where the extreme precision of the Century Air Operated Controller is not required.

Furnished in Direct-Acting (to close on temperature rise), Reverse-Acting (to open on temperature rise), Three-Way (to mix hot and cold liquids or steam), and Fail-Safe (to open or close as desired in the event of damage), these controllers are available with any of the following valve bodies.



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