Model 730-RV Diaphragm Control Valve

Pilot Operated

For pressure reducing service, back pressure control or pressure relief on application handling de-ionized water, slurries, corrosive or abrasive liquids, or any service which requires a diaphragm type valve.

The assembly consists of a No. 630 air-operated diaphragm valve either normally open or normally closed as desired, a No. 60-P pressure pilot and optional No. 1725 chemical attachment, valve positioner and single or dual limit switches.

For back pressure control or pressure relief service a pressure sensing line is connected to the chemical attachment on the pressure pilot from a point upstream from the main valve.

For pressure reducing service the pressure sensing line must be from a point downstream from the main valve.


Both normally open (spring open) and normally closed (spring closed) are available with or without valve positioner and limit switches. Positioners are recommended for installations where large fluctuations in flow and/or pressure are encountered, particularly on pressure reducing applications.

The chemical attachment is furnished when the valve is to be used on slurries and corrosive or abrasive liquids to isolate the pressure measuring element in the 60-P pressure pilot.

For applications where close modulating control is required, the pressure pilot is provided with an adjustable proportioning mechanism.

Because of the mechanism in the No. 60-P pneumatic pressure pilot, all Series 730 control valves must be installed in an upright position.


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