Quad-Flow Valve

Conval's engineering team combined four WHISPERJET Assemblies with four stop valves to create a binary throttling system. Individually the valves are never throttled but, by opening combinations of valves, any required flow rate can be achieved. For greater precision, WHISPERJET Valves of varying size can be combined such that a linear control curve is approximated.

The QUADFLOW Valve was designed to eliminate these problem areas:

Seat Erosion
Severe service combined with conventional throttling led to limited valve trim life and frequent maintenance.

High ambient temperature and tight physical space turned conventional air operators into high failure problems. Large heavy actuators required additional support and vibration dampening.

While heavy cycling demands require frequent packing adjustments, high ambient temperature and tight access space prevent maintenance efforts.

High noise levels resulted from single point pressure reduction.

Catalogue# 060953700

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