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  nuflo VALVE - nuflo Valve can be easily replaced with Ball Control valve,

                                         Plug Control valve, Globe Control valve and other conventional

                                         control valves.

nuflo VALVE merge a valve and an actuator in one integral body. This innovative design eliminate mounting actuator in separate.

nuflo valve employes cylindric disc to merge a valve and an actuator into one integrated body. By supplying air into nuflo valve directly,  the disc moves linearly.
nuflo's space - saving design reduce weight and make easy installation in narrow space


  • Compact design. Actuator is simply located in valve body.

  • Easily operated with low air supply ( Min 2Kg/ )

  • No exterior interference.

  • Low operational torque.
    The size of manual gear box or motor actuator can be possibly minimized.

  • Endurable seat at least 3 times longer than conventional valves. (Gurantee upto 1,000,000 cycles)

  • Standard stem design according to ISO (NAMUR).
    Any type of accessaries can be easily mounted.

  • No leakage around stem.

  • Suitable for slurry carrying fluid and viscous flow.

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