Pure-Flo  Hygienic DIAPHRAGM VALVES      Catalogue#: 090250499

0902504.gif (6797 bytes) In pharmaceutical manufacturing, bioprocessing, and food and beverage operations, Pure-Flo diaphragm valves provide the best value and dependability for your applications. These valves are unique for the following reasons:

· Reduced contamination risk: Constructed with a smoothly contoured,
pocketless interior surface, the Pure-Flo design eliminates particle entrapment
which can contaminate high purity fluids and gases.

· Choice of stainless steel fabrications: To provide flexibility in your process
design while conforming to or exceeding cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing
Practices) requirements, Pure-Flo diaphragm valves are available in 316L stainless
steel forgings (1/4 inch - 4 inches/DN 8-50) and /or stainless steel investment
castings (1/2 inch - 6 inches /DN 15-150)

· Lower diaphragm permeation and longer cycle life: Unique to all other diaphragm valves,
Pure-Flo offers a PTFE Diaphragm manufactured through a special Fluorlastic process which
increases dimensional stability and density to reduce cold flow, reduces permeation and increases
cycle life.

Pure-Flo valves, constructed of cast or forged 316L stainless steel, are available with tri-clamp or
butt-welded end connections. Also offered is a choice of FDA-compliant materials, including soft
rubber, Black Butyl, EPDM, Buna N, White Butyl and PTFE.

SIZE RANGE: 1/4" - 6" (8mm - 150mm)

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