KENT® Systems Quick Disconnects

The finest Quick Disconnect System for tubing on the market today.

The ease of using KENTS®
Catalogue# 2241529001

  • Simple 1/4 turn connect & click in place.
  • Sizes range from less than 1/16" to 3/8" Tubing ID.
  • Sky Blue components all contain a Shut-Off valve which does not allow flow until completely clicked into place.
  • 1/8-27 and 1/4-27 dryseal PTF-SAE straight and elbow threaded components available.
  • Red Components denote Swivel feature which allows fitting to swivel until completely connected, great for assemblies which require tubing to be attached to fitting prior to final connection.
  • KENT® Double Locking feature: highly superior to other locking systems, cannot be disengaged accidentally like push-button type disconnects. KENT® Systems double lock Quick Disconnect requires the external plastic spring cylinder to be pulled back while turning to unlock and disconnect, this is a simple procedure and can be done with one hand.
  • Bulkhead fitting 3/4-10 UNC thread with female port on each side, available in seven colors with or without shut-off valve.
  • Four plug configurations available.
  • Modular Manifold allows quick assembly of multiple ports, bolt holes included for panel mounting.
  • Priced competitively with lesser quality products.
Female Kent fittings Male Kent fittings
Male Swivel Kent fittings Locking Male Swivel Kent fittings
Locking Male Kent fittings
Threaded female Kent fitting
 Kent manifold fittings

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Each KENT® part is designed to fit a range of tubing sizes. Please review our barb sizing chart to pick the appropriate size before you order. Showroom
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