Pinch gate valve with plastic body П98043-050 TU 26-07-558-97

Designation of product Table of figures Nominal bore, DN, mm Working pressure, Pp, MPa (kgf/cm2) Weight, kg
П98043-050 33n22p 50 0,63
П98043-050-01 33n22p1 4,8
П98043-050-02 33n22p2 4,5
П98043-050-03 33n22p3 4,8

Designation of product Temperature of process fluid, оС Process fluid
П98043-050 up to 50 Weak solutions of acids and alkalis up to 20%, except for acetic and nitric acids
П98043-050-01 up to 110 Sulfuric acid H2SO4 up to 24%.
Titanium dioxide TiO2 up to 300 g/l.
Corrosive abrasive dust РН 1,2-11,0; size of particles of solid inclusions up to 3 mm, with concentration of alkalis and mineral acids (except for HNO3, HF) in solution up to 30%.
П98043-050-02 up to 60 Sulfuric acid H2SO4 up to 20%.
Hydrochloric acid HCI up to 15%.
Nitric acid HNO3 up to 5%.
Caustic soda NaOH or caustic potash KOH up to 20 g/l
П98043-050-03 up to 90 Weak solutions of acids (except for acetic and nitric acids) and alkalis up to 20%, mineral oils, petroleum products.

Application with other process fluids is permitted subject to agreement with the manufacturer.
Example of designation of pinch gate valve, DN 50 for placement of order and in documents of other products in which it can be used: "Pinch gate valve, DN 50 t/f 33n22p, П98043-050, TU 26-07-558-97"   Showroom