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Flanged End Sleeved Plug Valves
Features and benefits

Bi-directional flow, simple actuation, lightweight, compact design, and multiport configurations all facilitate improved system design by Xomox-Fisher-Rosemont.
Class 150, 2-way, Fig. 067     (1/2 to 20 inch)
Class 300, 2-way, Fig. 0367   (1/2 to 20 inch)
Class 150, 3-way, Fig. 037    (1/2 to 20 inch)    diemention
Class 300, 3-way, Fig. 0337    (1/2 to 20 inch)
Class 150, 4-way, Fig. 047     (1/2 to 4 inch)
Class 150, 5-way, Fig. 057     (1/2 to 4 inch)
Class 150, full jacket, Fig. 067FJ  (2x1x2 to 6x4x6") Partially Jacketed Sleeved Plug Valves:
Class 150, 2-way, Fig. 067PJ    (1 to 12 inch)
Class 300, 2-way, Fig. 0367PJ  (1 to 12 inch)
Class 150, 3-way, Fig. 037PJ    (1 to 8 inch)
Class 300, 3-way, Fig. 0337PJ  (1 to 8 inch)
Superior, long-lasting in-line sealing.
The inert PTFE sleeve completely surrounds the plug. The sleeve provides a large, circumferential sealing surface from port to port. Open, closed, or rotating, the seal is assured. No ball or gate valve can match this sealing power.

The PTFE sleeve has a low coefficient of friction. It acts as a lubricant. Ease of operation is assured, even when the valve is left open or closed for extended periods.

Secure sealing with no cold-flow deformation, blow-out, or rotation of the sleeve.
The sleeve is securely nestled in the body. High pressure ribs, top and bottom retention, and 360?port lips all assure sleeve containment.

No seizing. No sticking.
As the plug rotates, the 360?lips provide a self-cleaning action to remove scaling and adhering media.

No cavities. No contamination.
There are no body cavities where flow media can accumulate and contaminate subsiquant processing. The cavity-free design also prevents sticking.

In the most demanding processing applications, when Tufline valves are installed downtime and maintenance are often dramatically reduced. Service life is greatly increased. Many processors experience substantial cost reductions when they switch from ball and gate valves. Ease of adjustment.
There's a fully adjustable in-line seal and dual stem seal. Bolts in the top cover provide quick and easy adjustment. Adjust out in-line leakage between shutdowns. Adjust out potential stem leakage. No ball or gate valve offers this capability.

Unmatched stem sealing.
There are two independent environmental seals. You get double seal protection at no extra cost. The Tufline standard dual stem seal is clearly superior to those of gate valves, ball valves, other plug valves, and many expensive valves with extended auxiliary packing.

Stem Seal 1.
The primary stem seal is around the circumference of the plug. Flow media is prevented from reaching the stem.

Stem Seal 2.
The secondary backup seal system provides a wide comprehensive backup seal along the top edge of the plug and the stem.

360< lips.
Port defining lip were developed and patented by Tufline. The lips surround the ports. The lips improve valve performance and extend service life by:

Available Materials:

Carbon steel                  ASTM A216 WCB
304 stainless steel         ASTM A351 CF8
304L stainless steel        ASTM A351 CF3
316 stainless steel         ASTM A351 CF8M
316L stainless steel        ASTM A351 CF3M
Alloy 20                        ASTM A351 CN7M
Bronze                          ASTM B61
CD4MCu                        ASTM A351 CD4MCu
Ductile Iron                    ASTM A395
Hastelloy B                    ASTM A494 N7M
Hastelloy C                    ASTM A494 CW6M
Inconel                         ASTM A494 CY40
LCB                              ASTM A352
Nickel                           ASTM A494 CZ-100
Monel                           ASTM A494 M-30C
Ni-Al Bronze                   ASTM B367 Gr.958
Titanium                        ASTM B367
Zircomium                      ASTM B752

Other ferrous and non-ferrous materials are available upon request.

  0º Position 90º Position 180º Position
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