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Plastic Valves and Fittings

Brass / Bronze Valves and Fittings




3 Way/Angle/LPG Valve (05/00)
new2.gif (111 bytes)Ball No.2
Gate new2.gif (111 bytes)
Foot Valve updated
Stop updated
new2.gif (111 bytes)PVC Float Valve(USA)
3star.gif (979 bytes)Energy Saving Control

new2.gif (111 bytes)Extinguisher Valve(China)

Bibcock & Boiler Drain
Bibbs & Bibcocks updated
Boiler Drain / Angle Valveupdated


Faucet (4 pages updated 04/00)

Plumbing Fixtures
Drainers (2 pages updated 04/00)

Pop-up & Bath Waste
Strainer & Drain
Cast Brass Traps
J-Bend,Plugs & Closet Flanges
Angle Stops
Bathroom Accessories
Shower Drain & Cleanout
Water Connectors
Shower Head & Shower Hose
Sanitary Parts

OEM in China 

Various Fittingsnew2.gif (111 bytes)
Brass  Fittings updated
Weld&screw Bronze  Fittings

Plastic Pips Fittings
Solid Brass Rail Fittings

Locks & Knobs

Other Brs Item





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