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Judge For Yourself:

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Typical  Brass Float Valves
can start corroding after a few months leading to failure.

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The Kerick PVC Float Valve with  Stainless Steel trim is designed to outlast
other valves at a competitive cost!

KERICK  VALVE  has taken the proven operating principle of the piston and lever float valve and has applied new technology to create the best float valve of this type. Kerick's high quality float valves are heavily molded from an advanced PVC material and utilizegroupsm.gif (7808 bytes) stainless steel hardware. This unique combination of materials enables Kerick's valve to eliminate the corrosion and lead hazard associated with brass float valves while still remaining price competitive. We also offer seamless float balls and stainless steel float rods.

PVC Float Valves PVC Float Valves
PVC Float Valves PVC Float Valves

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