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Which Air Valve Should I Use?

Air Valves are essential components complete pipeline design. The designed pipeline flow capacity will not be achieved without essential air valves because of air pocket buildups which can cause flow capacities to be reduced by 5% to 15% of designed flow.... unfortunately reduced capacities may go unnoticed because air is an invisible culprit in pipelines. Air pockets increase energy consumption because pumping operation will be at higher heads to overcome air constricted flow. Air valves are not expensive and more than pay their way by greatly improving pipeline efficiency. Air Valves represent low cost insurance to protect expensive Pipelines and Pump Stations. It is a well known fact, air pockets are a major cause of pressure surges and water hammer in pipelines.

Air Release Valves

200A Series
50 Series         55 Series

Air Release Valves function to release air pockets that collect at each high point of a full pressured pipeline. Air Release Valves can open against internal pressure, because the internal lever mechanism multiplies the float force to be greater than the internal pressure. This greater force opens the orifice whenever air pockets collect in the valve. Air Release Valves are essential for pipeline efficiency and water hammer protection.

Immediate availability.
Sizes 1/2" thru 3".       Sizes 4" thru 3".


Air and Vacuum Valves


140 Series           150 Series

Are float operated, having a large discharge orifice, equal in size to the valves inlet. Air and Vacuum valves allow large volumes of air to be exhausted from - or - admitted into a water pipeline as it is being filled or drained. As the pipeline fills, water enters the Air Valve, raises the float and shuts-off. When draining the pipeline, the float drops, allowing air to enter, preventing vacuum, possible pipeline collapse and damaging water column separation. Air & Vacuum Valves are an efficient means to fill and drain pipelines.

Immediate availability.
Sizes 1/2" thru 6".


Combination Air Valves


140C Series

1800 Series

As the name implies, combines features of Air & Vacuum Valves and Air Release Valves. These valves are also called Double Orifice Air Valves. These Valves are installed on all high points of a system where it has been determined dual function Air & Vacuum and Air Release Valves are needed to vent and protect a pipeline. Generally, it is sound engineering practice to use (CAV) instead of simple purpose Air & Vacuum Valves.
(CAV) are available in two body styles - (1) single body combination (2) custom built combination (CCAV)
with two bodies.


The single body (CAV) is used where compactness is preferred and / or where risk of tampering exists due to accessibility of the installation.
Immediate availability. Sizes 4" thru 36".


Slow Closing Air and Vacuum Valves


1900 Series

Are standard Air and Vacuum Valves mounted on a Surge Check Unit. The Air and Vacuum Valve operates in the normal fashion allowing air to escape freely at any velocity (maximum discharge velocity is approximately 300 feet per second at 6.7 PSI; however, good pipe line design restricts velocity flows of air to 10 feet per second which occurs at approximately 1 PSI).

The Surge Check Unit operates on the interphases between the kinetic energy in the relative velocity flows of air and water. The Surge Check is a normally open valve, spring loaded, so that air passes through unrestricted, but when water rushes into the Surge Check Unit, the disc commences to close against the spring and reduces the rate of flow of water into the air valve by means of throttling holes in the disc. This ensures normal gentle closing of the Air and Vacuum Valve, regardless of the initial velocity flow involved and minimizes surges when the valve closes. As soon as the Air and Vacuum Valve is closed, the pressure on both sides of the surge Valve disc equalizes and the disc automatically returns to its open position. This means an Air and Vacuum Valve does not need an incipient vacuum to open, but can open at any time the water level drops and line pressure approaches atmospheric and immediately have full re-entry flow of air into the pipe line before a vacuum can form. Ratings 125# thru 900# class.

Immediate availability.
Sizes 3" and larger.


Air Release Valves & Air And Vacuum Valves for Sewage Lines


400 Series                   401 Series                   440 Series



Operate same as Air Valves for Water, differing only in appearance with elongated taller bodies. Elongated bodies minimize clogging by permitting use of a much longer float stem, to prevent the sewage from fouling up the mechanism. For ease of maintenance, Flushing Attachments are recommended with the Valves, as shown. When adding Sewage Air Valves to your pipeline, the same criteria applies, as with the standard Air Valves. However, the potential for air entrapped with Sewage pipelines, is even greater than that found in water lines, because Sewage media generates large quantities of gases. Therefore, it is recommended each high point be protected with an automatic Sewage Air Release Valve.
Available Immediately.


Syphon Air Valve (Make and Break)


5000 Series

SYPHON AIR VALVES are a unique type of Air Vacuum Valve incorporating a paddle which hangs down the main pipeline flow stream. The valve will allow a syphon flow to be developed and maintained after stopping the pump. Subsequently should the syphon flow reverse, the paddle swings in reverse causing the port to open and break the syphon. The APCO Syphon Valve requires no electrical connections or regular maintenance, and is ideally suited for remote out environments.


In recent years with the emphasis on energy conservation, consultant engineers for water and water, often consider pumping by means of a syphon loop. APCO SYPHON AIR VALVES are ideally suited for application. Solenoid valves for small diameter syphons, or pneumatically operated butterfly valves, for large diameter syphons, may also be adapted for this application, but installation and maintenance is complicated cumbersome. For example, power lines and air lines, must be installed to operate these valves, an air compressor is also needed. APCO SYPHON AIR VALVES are mechanically operated, requiring no auxiliary power. They merely respond to flow, in either direction, to make the syphon or break it, and the maintenance is virtually nil.

Immediate Availability.
Sizes 3" to 16" for syphons up to 60" diameter.


Hydraulically Controlled Air & Vacuum Valves


7000 Series

"For positive pipeline protection against damaging pressure surges." The operating principle of this valve is the same as the CONVENTIONAL Air and Vacuum Valve, with one exception ... Hydraulically Controlled Air and Vacuum Valves are normally open (because the heavy cast float is not buoyant), and slowly close, only after spilling a regulated volume of water to prevent a pressure surge. This valve provides excellent pipeline protection against primary and secondary surge pressures which usually occur when filling or draining a pipeline. The closing time of this valve is variable and adjustable by means of a hydraulic control system.
Immediate Availability thru 16 Weeks
Sizes 4" thru 20". Ratings 125# and 250# class.


Vacuum Relief/Air Inlet Valves


1500 Series   

Vacuum Relief/Air Inlet Valves are a normally closed valve and any time the System Pressure becomes Negative - IT OPENS IMMEDIATELY - allowing air into the system to prevent a vacuum forming. When system pressure returns to positive, the Vacuum Relief/Air Inlet Valve closes air tight. Standard VP,/AlVs are designed to open with a minimal 1/4 PSI pressure differential across the orifice. Higher or lower relief settings are available to suit the application. Rated 250# class available.
Availability immediate thru 16 weeks.
Sizes 3" thru 36".

Air Valves For Vertical Turbine Pumps with Water Diffuser

140DAT Series

Air Valves For Vertical Turbine Pumps with Water Diffuser essential to vent air from the pump column at the point of discharge from the pump and in advance of the pump check valve. Each valve is equipped with a water diffuser, which performs like the water bubbler on a water faucet, breaking down the solid destructive column of water into aerated, non-destructive stream of water.

Likewise, the surging water entering the deep well air valve is and broken down into a smooth flowing stream of water. In this manner, positive closure of the vertical turbine air valve without water hammer or damage to the valve pump, is accomplished additionally. The Double Acting Throttle Device permits regulation of the flow of air escaping from the valve to establish a back pressure, slowing the rising column of water and the surge in line during start up is greatly reduced. The Double Acting Throttling Device spring loaded mechanism allows full flow air in draining of system. This action results in a smoother trouble free operation of the pumping system.
Immediate Availability thru 16 Weeks.
Sizes 1/2" - 3".

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