Pig Valve




Technical Data

Nominal diameter:
1" to 12"
(larger sizes on request)

Design pressure:
ANSI 150 to ANSI 1500

End connections:
To customer¡äs choice

Temperature range: - 46C to +150C













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PIG VALVES operate in a simple, safe and quick way for launching and receiving pigs in pipelines. The advantages of Pig Valves compared with conventional pig trap stations are:

· ease of operation
· safe handling
· compact installation
· lower investment

HARTMANN PIG VALVES are of the same basic design as their standard ball valve but with an additional trap. The trap is closed by a double bayonet system. As with the HARTMANN ball valve, the Pig Valve also has double block-and-bleed and is maintenance-free

Product Range
PIG VALVES are useful for the following applications:
· Type HMR - For Cleaning purposes.
· Type HMB - For cleaning purposes, but with a bypass in closed position.
· Type HMS - For separating different products in the same pipeline.

The standard Pig Valve is designed for a maximum pig length of 1.4 times the nominal diameter. Special design for spherical pigs or cylindrical pigs longer than 1.4 x ND are obtainable on request.

Method of operation
For launching and receiving the pig, the ball plug should be turned through 90¡ã into the closed position. Before removing the trap cover, the cavity of the valve should be depressurized by opening the drain valve. The trap cover must be unlocked, before opening the single or double closure door by leftturns.

See our Shockwave-Animation for launching/receiving pigs.

Launching: Insert pig into the ball plug up to the stop bars.
Receiving: Pull the pig out from the rear.

For further Information about HARTMANN Pig Valves, please contact us for our operation manual.


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