Victaulic Fire Protection Valves
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Fire Protection Valves

Bronze and Iron valves and indicator posts for fire sprinkler and fire protection systems applications.

Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Ball valves and indicator posts for line control, high rise and trim and drain services.
  • Bronze and iron pressure containing components
  • Threaded, grooved or mechanical joint body styles
  • Gear operated valves accept supervisory switches
  • Weather proof operators
  • Resilient wedge gate valves
  • Epoxy coated internal and externals
  • 505 Series approved by California State Fire Marshall
  • UL listed
  • FM Approved
  • New York City M.E.A. approved
  • ULC listed
  • AWWA C-509
  • Applicable MSS Specifications
  • Each valve individually tested in ISO 9002 certified facility
Milwaukee Valve Company
Fire-Protection Valves

Fire-protection valves are available in a variety of styles & types including valves for main & riser service, supervised & unsupervised services as well as trim valves. Valves meeting UL, FM, NFPA and NYCBS&A/MEA are available.

Fire-Protection Valves


Indicator Posts

UL Listed and FM Approved

Kennedy Valve Model 2945

Sectional Drawings & Dimensional Data

  • Telescoping Barrel Assembly
  • Telescoping Barrel Dimensions
  • Fixed Length Assembly
  • Fixed Length Dimensions
  • Parts List (Both)
  • Trench Depth Tables
  • Installation Instructions
  • Installation Instructions (cont'd)
  • Product Data Sheet
  • Product Data Sheet (cont'd)
  • Maintenance Lubrication
  • Ordering Information
  • Flanged Base Post Indicator