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Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment

Wellhead assembly including casing head, tubing head and christmas tree is mainly used for producing wellhead to control pressure and adjust flow rate of oil (gas) well. It is also available for controlling wellhead during acid fracturing and well performance test.

Wellhead assembly with the features of corrosion resistance, reliable seal and safe operation, which can meet all services.

It is available for all kinds of program

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Main technical parameters
Working Pressure 2000-15000(psi) Nominal Size 2 1/16-30 (in)
Product Specification Levels PSL1-3 Material Class AA-FF
Performance Requirements PR1-2 Working Temperature P.U(-20 thro +250 Deg.F)


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Solid Block Tree

Solid Block Trees are most often required in order to meet platform limitation of space. Spaceconsuming flanges can be eliminated and valves can be located closer together, which effectively reduces production costs.

Reducing the connections increases the integrity of the tree and minimizes possible leak paths.

Nominal size in(mm) Working Pressure
3000(21) psi(Mpa) 5000 (35) psi(Mpa) 10000 (70) psi(Mpa)
2 1/16 (52) X X X
2 9/16 (65) X X X
3 1/8  (78) X X X
4 1/16 (103) X X X

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