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Expanding Gate Valve
The gate assembly design uses "V" to force the two segments out and into contact with the seats. The lateral travel generated with this design promotes a complete seal between the seat and gate.
Line pressure is not needed to seal the gate.
Applicable in the wellhead of steam injection, thermal production and environment with high temperature.
Main technical parameters
Working Pressure 2000-5000(psi) Nominal Size 2 13/16-4 1/16  (in)
Product Specification Levels PSL1-3 Material Class AA-FF
Performance Requirements PR1-2    


Surface Safety Gate Valve/Actuator
PFFQ surface safety valve/actuator is an actuating mechanism in well safety system.
The safety gate valve is opened by spring which is compressed by high pressure oil injected into upper of actuator's chamber.
This valve is designed to provide quick bleed-off of control pressure to speed the closing of the valve while blocking incoming control pressure or in an emergency, which can keep later equipment safety.
Main technical parameters
Maximum Control Pressure 5000 (psi)
Valve Working Pressure 2000-10000 (psi)
Nominal Bore 2 1/16-4 1/16 (in)


Choke & Kill Manifolds
The choke & kill manifolds are available with remote control unit.
It can be used with mud-gas separator.
It has the features of reliability, safety and easy operation.
The working pressure ranges from 3000psi to 10000psi.
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Choke Manifolds

prod9.jpg (14528 ??) Offshore Manifolds

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Kill Manifolds

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