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Goodwin International Ltd is the market leader in the manufacture and design of API 594 Dual Plate Check Valves supplying to the hydrocarbon, chemicals and energy industries worldwide.

"The double door check valve is now the dominant (check) valve in the hydrocarbon and chemical industries"
(extract from Valve World, August 1998)  Ron Merrick, Director, Piping Material Engineering, Fluor Daniel Inc, Houston, Texas, USA.

Goodwin International Ltd, based in the UK, sells its highly competitive range of Dual Plate Check Valves internationally through its global network of agents and distributors.






Valve Types

Goodwin International offers 6 different types of Dual Plate Check Valve. The valves are available in an extensive range of sizes and pressure classes. 

Weights and Dimensions available upon request.

size range:
2" to 144"

pressure class:
ANSI 150lb to ANSI 2500lb
API 3000 - 10000

Type BR

Type BFR

Solid Lug
Type BSR


Buttweld End
Type BWR

Type BH


Type BHR

Goodwin International Ltd manufactures and supplies Dual Plate Check Valves.

Based in the UK, Goodwin sells internationally exporting to over 50 countries and has a global network of agents and distributors. Its international competitiveness is based on a high performance product, on good delivery availability, manufactured under strict quality conditions. Goodwin International Ltd is ISO 9001 accredited.

The Goodwin Dual Plate Check Valve is extensively used in the offshore and onshore hydrocarbons and energy industries world-wide. For new construction projects it is rapidly becoming the first choice check valve with specifiers within the oil majors and international engineering contractors in preference to the traditional flanged swing check valve.

Project Successes

Offshore Project SuccessesOnshore Project Successes
Offshore                            Onshore
Project Successes reference list available upon request.

Substantial commercial and technical benefits are to be gained using Dual Plate Check Valves. Inclusion of the Goodwin Wafer Check Valve into specifications where the conventional heavy, cumbersome, flanged swing check valve is ordinarily specified could translate into a massive 60 C 70 % cost saving on a typical new construction project check valve requirement.

Dual Plate Versus Swing Check

With Fugitive Emissions being a major concern, Goodwin offers as standard its RETAINERLESS design. Having no body penetrations it has no leakpath to atmosphere associated with many of its competitors designs.

Goodwin's design and manufacturing facilities includes its own ultra-modern foundry, sister company Goodwin Steel Castings, also approved to ISO 9001.


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