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Lever Lock Assembly (Lock Open Assembly)

     The External Lever Lock Clapper assembly provides a means for the customer to hold the clapper in the full open position (out of the flow stream) during the passage of pigs and spheres, during normal operating conditions when the customer wants to eliminate clapper movement (interference) or during reverse flow operations.
     The external Lever Lock assembly should not be used to lock the 

clapper assembly the closed position as damage to the valve components can result.  For special instances (very low pressures), the Lever Lock assembly may be utilized to hold the clapper in the closed position for short periods of times.  However, this should not be attempted without first consulting the factory. Leverlock Assembly
     An external Lever Lock assembly is strongly recommended during the passage of pigs and spheres, particularly during the passage of smart pigs. 
Vertical Flow Swing Check Valves

     Crown Swing Check Valves can be supplied for use in vertical flow-up or vertical flow-down service conditions.  It is necessary to specify the intended orientation when ordering to ensure the valve operates properly and meets the customer's operating requirements.

Proximity Switches

     A Proximity Limit Switch can be used to provide an input signal to a process control with either an open or closed indication.  Designed and built to rugged specifications for use in the most industrial and environmental applications, each switch is totally enclosed, hermetically sealed and capable of operating in hazardous locations.


Rovane Slam Retarders

rovane-yel.jpg (12547 bytes)
     Crown Rovane Slam Retarders provide a dependable and efficient torque for controlling clapper slam and flutter.  Long trouble-free service is assured through the simple and rugged construction and the basic engineering premise of the Slam Retarder.  It can also be equipped with a limit switch to indicate the clapper open position at any angle.


Counterbalance Arms and Weights
(Counter Weight Assembly)

     Counterbalance Arms and Weights can be provided to assist in either valve closing or valve opening, or when the valve is being installed in the vertical flow-down position.

     Valve Closing:
  When the counterbalance assembly is utilized in valve closing, the counterbalance assembly is designed and orientated to ensure positive shut-off.

     Valve Opening: When the counterbalance assembly is utilized in valve opening, the 

SCV with Counterbalance
counterbalance assembly is designed and positioned to counteract a portion of the clapper assembly weight to allow the clapper assembly to float on the flow stream, thus reducing the pressure drop on the valve.

     Vertical Flow-down:  For valves installed in the vertical flow-down position, the counterbalance assembly is designed and positioned to assist in returning the clapper to the closed position ensuring a positive shut-off.

    When a counterbalance assembly is required, it is recommended to specify the intended positioning to ensure proper orientation and valve operation.

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