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ST Series
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     Model ST tunable constant temperature Steam Traps is the unique product which have the honor to get title of national-level pioneer product.

     ST series turnable constant temperature Steam Traps will discharge the condenser water in the jet chimney and recuperator automatically and keep off the steam's giveaway, improve the system's heating efficiency, that is energy saving.
   ST series turnable constant temperature Traps is used widely in the air blast heating system, petrochemical system, store oils system, livehood and medical treatment device as steam-coal scuttle, disinfector and all kinds of steam heating production facility asboiling billy, reaction saucepan, exchanger, heating element, etc.


ST Series turnable constant temperature steam trap is a combination of two basic functional units:
  1. A temperature-sensing component with its stem
  2. A trap body containing one orifice

ST series belongs to Heat-Statics Model steam valve it generates expanding with heat and minifying with cold and status change to open or close the valve, using temperature transform to the temperature-sensing component, so it can achieve steam preventing and dewater. Its dewater temperature could be adjusted continuously by the screw.


Leakage of steam is only 0.1% -- 0.5%,lower than standard 3%:
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes Temperature-sensing component senses temperature sensitivitily, the temperature transforming time is 5-10s.
Long maintenance-free service life. (>20000 hours)
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes Temperature-sensing is nonlinear to the change of temperature and intumescence detrusion. It has the function to protect itself from exlessive heating.
The superior discharge capacity.
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes Draining aperture DN15-100 is 15-30 times the draining quantity of common draining valve. (Figure A valve base is draining aperture.) Unafraid of freezing and saving bypass device:
Letting out condenser water in zero-pressure pipe depends on the action of restoring spring.
Running stablely , reliably:
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes With the efforts of stabilizator in temperature-sensing component , bulging force enlarges, without controlling of the change of pressure pipeline inside
Fitting reclaiming of condenser water, untiling high temperature water gradually:
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes It untilize temperature to control the lift off or close the valve, high counter pressure is in favor of reclamation.
Convenient installation, easy maintance:
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes It can be set up at well with controlling of location and direction. It can be maintain simply and conveniently.

Drainage amount:
Nominal Dia (DN) 15 20 25 40 50 80 100
Nominal Pressure (PN) 0.8 ;1.0 ; 1.6 ; 2.5 ; 4.0 MPa
Maximum discharge capacity (T/H) 3.2 5.0 7.0 11.0 15.0 20.0 25.0
Controlling discharge temperature range(Celsius)
60 -- 100. 95 -- 135. 130 -- 165
Degree of undercooling >= 3 Celsius
Rate of steam leakage <= 0.5 %
Rate of backing pressure >= 85 %
Note: ST series Steam Traps are controlled by discharge temperature not by pipe pressure vary . If other controlling temperature rangeis desired, consule us.

Major Materials:

No. Description Material
1 Body Cast steel/Ductile iron/Martensite steel
2 Seat Stainless steel
3 Strainer Stainless steel
4 Temperature-Sensing Component Copper alloy and Stainless steel
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