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Free Float Steam Traps are used in oil and gas, pipeline, petrochemical, paper, utility, food, industries. Ideal for steam main, steam heating system and condensate recovery system.
Free Float Steam Traps prevent the steam put effectively discharge sweat quickly. Especially suit for technical process that requires fast heating speed, controls heating temperature strictly, no pile-up sweat in heater assembly.

1. Start up, the valve air vent opens wide to continuously discharge initial air.
2. As condensate comes into the traps, the float rises to allow condensate to be discharged from valve seat.
3. Hot condensate( up to steam temperature) comes into the trap heated Bimetal_element to close valve air vent, before steam reaches the trap but condensate coming into the trap continues to be discharge through valves seat
4. When condensate flow to the trap stops, the float closes valve port( valve seat)which is, in addition always sealed below the water level., prevent any steam leakage.

dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes No concentrated wearing, long duration;
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes Good property of sealing, low steam leakage, notable energy-saving effect;
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes Set with adevice of air exhaust, able to quickly start and continuously drain condensated water;
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes High rate of backing presssure, low degree of undercooling, helpful to utilize the condensated waer by recovering;
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes No noise, easy to repair, good interchangeability.

Drainage amount:
Nominal Dia (DN) 15 20 25/32 40 50 80 100
Nominal Pressure (PN) 1.6 ; 2.5 ; 4.0 MPa
Degree of undercooling 0 Celsius
Rate of steam leakage <= 0.5 %
Rate of backing pressure >= 80 %
Working temperature 220 ; 450 Celsius

Major Materials:

No. Description Material
1 Body Cast steel/Ductalloy casting pig
2 Seat Stainless steel
3 Dual-metal sheet Special Stainless steel
4 Other parts inside of the valve body Stainless steel
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