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ST Series
STZ Series
CS Series
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    STZ Series automatic thermostatic valve (back-water temperature control valve) is applicable for the hot-water concentrated heatsupply system to set the temperature as desired and to automatically adjust the temperature and flow of the hot water, thus to make the heat-supply balanced.
    Capable of overcoming the difficult problems of both horizontal and vertical imbalances in the heat-supply system, it is especially suitable to be mounted on each group of the radiator or each small district or each building of the buildings' heat-supply system to automatically adjust the flow of the back-water, control the temperature of heat-supply, simplify the system and save both energy and investment.

It consists of the valve body, flap ( temperature-sensible component ),regulating screw etc. and with the temperature-sensible component, several kinds of agents combined temperature-sensible mixture is filled, such as the temperature-sensible agent, saturation agent, stabilizing agent, filling agent and so on, of which the sensitivity to temperature and the change-over of the heat-expansion and cold molding are used to drive the flap to move and make the valve selfly adjust the degree of tension per the change of the temperature and automatically close or open, thus to realize to automatically control the drainage temperature and the flow adjustment.

dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes Self-adjust the amount of the back-water without any external dynamic force, saving expense.
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes Quick temperature sensing, gook sensitivity, high precision of temperature controls.
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes Wide range of temperature adjustment and application, suitable for various different states of working.
dot.jpg - 4864 Bytes Small volume, low price and easy to mount and maintain.

Drainage amount:
Nominal Pressure (PN) 1.0 ; 1.6 MPa
Nominal Dia (DN) 15 20 25 40 50 80 100
Maximum discharge capacity (T/H) 3.2 5.0 7.0 11.0 15.0 20.0 25.0
Controlling discharge temperature range(Celsius)
30 -50; 50 -70; 70 -95;
95 -135; 120-140; 130 -165
Note: ST series Steam Traps are controlled by discharge temperature not by pipe pressure vary . If other controlling temperature rangeis desired, consule us.

Major Materials:

No. Description Material
1 Body Cast steel/Martensite steel
2 Seat Stainless steel
3 Strainer Stainless steel
4 Temperature-sensing component Copper alloy and Stainless steel
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