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New Valve Concepts

One Valve Can be:


Pressure Reducing Valve
Pressure Sustaining Valve
Pressure Relief Valve
Solenoid Control Valve
Float Valve
Direct-activated Pressure
Reducing Valve

Inside Actuator Control Valve                         0609541ani2.gif (48508 bytes)

Non friction valve
Multiple Leader Valve   (China)
Patent in China and USA
Non-frictional tightseal Self-hermetically-sealed design
Easy maintenance - on line change seal part.
Easy Operating - A child can operate a DN1000mm valve.


The process of valve sphere finishing is making by a surface plastic deformation. It is a planetary smoothing rolling method. The new way is protected by the patent. The rolling operation is performed right after the turning instead of the grinding operation. As a tool is now used a rolling head of original design. Roughness of machined surface is within Ra 0,2... 0,4 micron. The error of a sphere form does not exceed 0,01 mm.

While changing from grinding to rolling operation have been achieved the following benefits:

· tooling cost reduced by 6 times;

· no need to buy special grinding tools;

· rolling    tool regrinding times frequently exceed grinding wheel regrinding times;

· sphere surface quality is  improved;

· raise of processing productivity;

· power-consumption is reduced;

· operator’s  working conditions are improved;

· abrasive deterioration of the equipment is excluded;

· resistance to deterioration of valves  is raised.

 The planetary smoothing rolling is expedient for using both up to, and after a chromium covering of the sphere. Results of the tests show that such processing allows to raise corrosion and tired durability of a chromium covering considerably.

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cballbfc.jpg (11363 bytes)

Wafer type ball valves, impact design, will save a lot of materials. It is more ecnomical when use expensive S.S. for corrosive service. It is easily installed.

cballbfa.jpg (12680 bytes)

cballbfj.jpg (5983 bytes)

Steam Jacket type

Pneumatic actuated


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