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Ball Valves

Brass/Bronze valve/fitting

Butterfly Valves

Check Valves

Control Valves
Radiator Valves, Static Balancing Valves

Diaphragm Valves
Hygienic valve (USA), Solid valve (UK)

Gate Valves updated 09/00
BS5150, BS5163

Globe Valves
Steam service(USA)...

Hydraulic Valves
Hydraulic Components
Instrumentation Valves & Fittings

LPG Container
, Car, Heater

OEM Service


Plug Valves
DBB Plug(USA); Sleeved; Lined ...

Plumbing Hardware
brass/plastic valves & fittings

Pig Valves 04/00

Pipe and Fittings
Sight Glass Valves

Plastic/Rubber Valves 09/00
PVC Valves & Fittings
quick delivery in USA & Canada

Safety Valves

Special Valves

Disc valves for solids, Bottom valves for pumps,
 Extinguisher valves, Fire Protection

Steam Traps

Wellhead (Oil Drilling) Valves
chokes, Christmas Tree, Unibolt

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